Winter Branches            Inspired by Rembrandt            Autumn Series #10
Artist's Statement

Looking at the landscape from different perspectives—up at the sky, down at the rooftops below, or through the branches of trees, leads me to explore patterns of shape and color. Whether from the porch of a house in a Spanish village, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the paths of city parks, or the balcony of my apartment, I am interested in conveying my sense of everyday observations through simplifying natural and manmade forms and finding their rhythms.

I make sketches and take photographs on-site as a basis for working on paintings in the studio and finding variations on a theme. I use paper or board as my surface and am interested in the effects of different media on the smooth surface. I layer acrylic with crayon or ink, and gouache with watercolor, using the opaque or transparent qualities of the media to create the pattern and rhythm of each individual work.

amelia shachoy